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"Let me emphasize here that we're not in this together," Peralta told reporters after City Councilman Larry Berwick had been summoned to the council chamber ahead of a 9-3 vote. "We're still a party of this city council. We're not going toither admit or deny us the food, we're just trying to come up with our own policy ideas of how it is received. We just think they need more time and money."


West Oakland police Lt. Jason Li said the city yesterday morning denied allegations by the two women.

"The allegations are not at all consistent with the policies we have adopted as the city manager," the officer said. "That's just not true and it's not something we take very seriously because we are not involved with any street corner or any businesses."

Officers arrested the two women, both from Berkeley, in Oakland's high-rise Market Street and Market Street properties last Friday. The other five were charged with burglary, felony identity theft, witness tampering, obstruction of justice and obstruction of official operations while intoxicated. All charged had no prior criminal record.

Peralta told Alameda daily that she is unaware of any arrests or charges pending until the review is finished.

Police said they are working with the Berkeley Police Department to find other suspects responsible for the arrests.


In a statement to Alameda yesterday, the City of Oakland said the department is committed to community engagement and is working for law enforcement partners.

"The City of Oakland is committed to enforcing the City Policy for West Oakland, and following through on its commitment to this community engagement, we have arrested people in several areas of West Oakland on this particular felony case," Oakland Assistant County Attorney Bruce A. Adams said in the statement. "Our ability to cooperate with law enforcement is critical for securing justice in Oakland and will continue to be for anyone facing criminal charges in the future."

Ald. Mark Fenton (49th), who is representing West Oakland residents, told local Alameda newspaper, "Our thoughts and prayers today are with the victims of the West Oakland murders, and with people of diverse races, cultures and opinions that shape these stories and the city's response to them."

"We know that these murders in West Oakland are happening because the lives and lives of West Oakland residents are in danger, and we work very hard," Fenton said. "People of all races and cultures are dying because of these murders."


In light of the murders, the City of Oakland has said it has taken "several hours" to track down someone responsible for them.

The city said at the beginning of the week that one person has been arrested, but that is not always a complete enough explanation because of the city's involvement. The San Bruno shooting Monday morning was the deadliest incident in more than a dozen years but remains the deadliest since 2006. That was the killing at the end of a funeral for a slain firefighter in New Haven on Sept. 25, 1991.

"We want justice right now and we want it immediately to take a stand," councilman Larry Berwick said. "This is a time to show those families that we are committed to transparency and justice."

Milwaukee Deputy city manager Robert Li said Friday that the city is reviewing all of the West Oakland police department's records as well.

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